Spiritways Inc.

SpiritWays INC  is a Multicultural and Non-denominational wing ministry with the mandate to win souls and propel them for the soon coming of Christ. As a result of massive passion for Soul Winning across the Globe, the Ministry was birthed under the influence of the Holy Spirit. 

At SpiritWays INC, we believe fully in the death, burial, and resurrection of Christ; and in the power of the gospel to save man.

We are committed to knowing Christ and making him known. We grow in the knowledge of Christ and build ourselves up through regular in-depth teaching services, prayer sessions, and evangelistic outreaches.

We are a mission-minded ministry that believes in spreading the gospel to the uttermost ends of the earth because we are the hands, and feet of Christ on earth.

We believe that the gifts of the Spirit are at work in the life of the believer, and each of our services experiences an uninhibited flow of the Spirit through spiritual songs, prophecies, and prayer.

We believe that the Word of God is the ultimate standard for doctrine. We believe that the father’s biggest display of affection towards us is in the incarnation of Christ.

We believe that we are blessed because righteousness is credited to us through the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ.


Samuel El-Shaddai Nuamah is an African Evangelist. He is known for conducting large evangelistic campaigns called JESUS CAMPAIGN. The Jesus campaign is a historic effort of mass evangelism. The Jesus campaign is often being likened to that of the late Evangelist Reinhard Bonke and Bishop Dag Heard Mills. After years of ministry and establishing SpiritWays INC, the Lord led Evangelist El-Shaddai into the evangelistic healing ministry.

With an unbridled passion to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ, Evangelist El-Shaddai held his first campaign at age 17, in senior high school with an attendance of over 500 souls.

He had resolved in his heart that even if only one person attended, he would have the campaign and preach with all his heart because “a soul is a soul, and it is precious to God”. The Jesus Campaign aims to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ to every soul within villages, towns, and cities in Africa and all nations. The Jesus Campaign is one of the largest evangelical efforts in Africa and the world. The impact of the power and healing touch of God has been manifest night after night at every Campaign.

Each night has been marked by the salvation of many, notable miracles, and the deliverance of souls from the kingdom of darkness to the kingdom of our Lord Jesus Christ. The problem of sin, hardships, poverty, abandonment, sickness, and disease is apparent in every place. However, countless souls have found the answer at the Jesus Campaigns and have testified that Jesus is indeed a Healing Jesus!

Evangelist El-Shaddai is a dedicated preacher who has seen “signs following” as the necessary evidence of the power of the Gospel to save, heal and deliver. His determination to preach the gospel has meant clearing space in bushes and forests and even using abandoned airstrips to create a space large enough to accommodate the thousands of people attending his programs.

In every city he holds a campaign, the evangelist also holds explosive pastors conferences. The Jesus campaign also includes Work of the Ministry Conferences. At these conference pastors and church leaders are sharpened and equipped for the ministry through the teaching of the Word of God from Evangelist Samuel El-Shaddai.

With his heart in sync with the Lord’s; beating for the lost and dying souls,  Evangelist El-Shaddai continues to pray and follow the Lord into the great harvest field of the world, preaching the pure salvation of Jesus Christ and the unconditional love of God

Social Work

With an unbridled passion to spread the gospel, Evangelist El-Shaddai has a massive passion for touching lives uniquely and phenomenally.

The El-Shaddai Foundation is focused on making a positive impact in Ghana and was established by Evangelist El-Shaddai to give back to the communities that have nurtured him since childhood. We are working to improve their access to quality healthcare, secure livelihoods, quality education, basic social amenities and social protection that will enable them to enjoy their rights to quality lives.

Since its inception, the El-shaddai Foundation has been supporting individuals and groups in diverse ways under health, education, social safety, economic and livelihood empowerment. The Foundation specifically supports the aged, widows, the sick, poor, needy and vulnerable. Annually, The foundation feeds over 1000 street children and gives massively to disable people.

The Foundation pays the school fees of  brilliant but needy students from basic to tertiary levels of education. It helps individuals to establish their petty businesses to make them self-reliant and also gives monthly allowances to over. Under health, the Foundation provides free medical clinics to the local community and also support people living with disabilities, the sick, and people with various diseases who are unable to cater for their surgeries, treatments or medical bills.


Samuel El-Shaddai Nuamah is a Business Consultant and a Consummate Marketer by Profession.

Evangelist El-Shaddai has a radical passion for business aside from being ministry-minded. He holds a strong conviction and a belief that the offering of the Church shouldn’t be his source of survival and revenue. As a result of this, he owns and overseas serval companies to his credit.

Evangelist El-Shaddai is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of El-Shaddai Business Group Network (EBGN). El-Shaddai Business Group Network (EBGN) is a contemporary multifunctional establishment, that builds a team of business network players in the competitive business universe to primarily provide business solutions.

EBGN in its quest of becoming the global beacon of pragmatic business solution point is contemplating building a team of high caliber professionals with unique derives skills and experience. The El-Shaddai Business Group Network (EBGN) duplex multifunctional company has Nine business subsidiaries across Ghana and beyond.