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About Me

Samuel El-Shaddai Nuamah is a young noble visionary man full of wisdom. He is a Business Consultant, Consummate Marketer, Erudite, Entrepreneur, Prolific Author, Philanthropist, and a Healing Evangelist.

Evangelist Samuel El-Shaddai Nuamah is born to Rev.Samuel Nuamah and Mrs.Ruth Osei Nuamah. He is the ONLY biological child to his parents. With a strong interest in academia. Samuel El-Shaddai Nuamah holds an HND in Marketing from Accra Technical University and a Certificate in Church Administration from Pentecost University College and currently pursuing his Degree in Theology at Maranatha University College. 

He is also set to pursue a degree in Computer Science 🔬  soon. Evangelist El-Shaddai is an ardent video game fan and lover. He is single but engaged. Evangelist El-Shaddai is an astute intellectual, a loyal friend, a father to many, and above all a loving person to hug around with.

Spiritways inc

SpiritWays INC 🕊 is a Multicultural and Non-denominational wing ministry with the mandate to win souls and propel them for the soon coming of Christ


Samuel El-Shaddai Nuamah is an African Evangelist. He is known for conducting large evangelistic campaigns called JESUS CAMPAIGN. The Jesus campaign is a historic effort of mass evangelism.

Social Work

The El-Shaddai Foundation is focused on making a positive impact in Ghana and was established by Evangelist El-Shaddai to give back to the communities that have nurtured him since childhood.

Phaneroo Library

At Phaneroo Library, we serve you with life-transforming and uplifting Christian Literature to help you get closer to God

Pheronoo Library is a collection of Books written by Samuel El-Shaddai Nuamah. With a ministry spanning, Evangelist El-Shaddai has authored several books which include, Fulfilling Life, Having a Good Relationship, Falling in Love, not in Trouble, The Voice of Prayer and Declaration, Church Marketing and Branding, A walk with God(Devotional Guide), The Minister and His Ministry, among others.

El-Shaddai Business Group Network (EBGN)

Samuel El-Shaddai Nuamah is a Business Consultant and a Consummate  Marketer by Profession. Evangelist El-Shaddai has a radical passion for business aside from being ministry-minded. He holds a strong conviction and a belief that the offering of the Church shouldn’t be his source of survival and revenue. As a result of this, he owns and overseas serval companies to his credit.

Evangelist El-Shaddai is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of El-Shaddai Business Group Network (EBGN)

El-Shaddai Business Group Network (EBGN) is a contemporary multifunctional establishment, that builds a team of business network players in the competitive business universe to primarily provide business solutions.

EBGN in its quest of becoming the global beacon of pragmatic business solution point is contemplating building a team of high caliber professionals with unique derives skills and experience. The El-Shaddai Business Group Network (EBGN) duplex multifunctional company has Nine business subsidiaries across Ghana and beyond.